China Foundry

Aim and Scope -- CHINA FOUNDRY journal is the only English journal that totally dedicated to China’s foundry industry. As one of the transactions of the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, CHINA FOUNDYR, published bimonthly to a worldwide readership in English, covers the whole fields of foundry industry for iron, steel and non-ferrous castings, including sand molding casting, die casting, investment casting, etc. It mainly reports advanced scientific and technical achievements, application technology, successful experiences in the production, management and leadership, recent development and industry information. CHINA FOUNDRY is committed to rapidly delivering high-quality research findings and results to the world. We aim to make the journal top publication in the fields.

Review Process -- CHINA FOUNDRY bears responsibility for insuring that submitted manuscripts receive expert and unbiased reviews. CHINA FOUNDRY strives to complete the peer review of all submitted papers and the publication of accepted manuscripts in a timely manner and to keep the authors informed of any problems with their manuscript. All submitted manuscripts are initially evaluated by the editors and the Editor-in-Chief. If the editors and the Editor-in-Chief think that your manuscript is suitable for publication in CHINA FOUNDRY, your manuscripts will be submitted to peer-review. 
CHINA FOUNDRY is under no obligation to submit every manuscript to formal peer review. Papers that are judged by the editors or the Editor-in-Chief to be of low priority or inappropriate for publication in CHINA FOUNDRY, may at the discretion of the editors or the Editor-in-Chief, be rejected without formal written reviews by referees. All reviewers serve anonymously, and their identities are protected.

Confidentiality -- As is customary for the peer review process, CHINA FOUNDRY holds the identity of authors and the contents of all submitted manuscripts in confidence until such time as the papers are published. This confidentiality extends to the comments of editors and reviewers that have evaluated the paper; these comments and reviews are released only to the corresponding author.
Co-authors may have access to these documents either by obtaining them directly from the corresponding author or by submitting to CHINA FOUNDRY a letter of request that has been signed by the corresponding author. Similarly, CHINA FOUNDRY expects that editors and reviewers will maintain strict confidentiality of the authors  identities and the contents of manuscripts that they examine during the review process, and furthermore, will never disclose the contents (either orally or in writing) of documents related to the peer review of a manuscript. A violation of this policy is considered a serious breach of trust.

Prior Publication -- CHINA FOUNDRY accepts manuscripts that have not been published previously or have not been concurrently submitted to another journal. CHINA FOUNDRY only accepts manuscripts that are the original work of the authors. No portion of a submitted manuscript may have been published previously unless the duplicated material is specifically and clearly acknowledged with appropriate citations figures and tables that have been previously published, and must be accompanied by permission letters from the copyright holders at the time the article is submitted.

Scientific Misconduct -- Falsification of data, suppression of relevant data, and fabrication of data are considered fraud. Plagiarism and fraud are widely understood to constitute scientific misconduct.
  Reviewers and readers of CHINA FOUNDRY should report any suspected duplicated publication, plagiarism, falsification to the Editor and the Editor-in-Chief of CHINA FOUNDRY.
This includes reporting on the publication of similar or duplicate articles by the same author and of text or figures that appear to have been lifted verbatim or reproduced from the publication of other authors. Upon reviewing such a report, the Editor-in-Chief shall conduct an official inquiry in a prompt, considerate, and confidential manner. The inquiry will thoroughly examine the validity of the charges and the author will be notified in writing of any and all accusations as well as be provided with all relevant documents. The author will be given the opportunity to respond to accusations and CHINA FOUNDRY will conduct all inquiries in complete confidence. Every consideration will be given to protecting the rights and reputation of all concerned.
   In the case of clear evidence of fraud, plagiarism, or falsification of data, the author s institution will be notified and the authors may be prohibited from future publication in CHINA FOUNDRY.